Hi! I'm Valdis.

I am a Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution Architect, almost 15 years in the industry. I love to code.  I enjoy and have experience in teaching, mentoring junior developers. A passionate interest in new technologies. Before writing the first line of code, I need to get a full understanding of why we need this solution.

Need to get in touch? Find me on LinkedIn or contact me via my email.

Why Craft Bakery?

In my spare time, I love to bake cakes for my family on holiday. When I make pastry or filling all the time I ask myself "Why it works so?", that is why I read cooking books, where all techniques are described properly in full details. In baking, I like to be very accurate. This characteristic relates a lot to my working style. When you follow the recipe and be very accurate result all the time works.

Recipes, techniques, tips in baking a lot relates to software development. That`s why I call my blog Craft Bakery. I would like to share my tips, recipes and techniques I found in my software development experience.

Let`s cook our delicious software together :)